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I think I found out how to travel to the North Pole, would this trip be viable?

I live in the Richmond area and found it’s possible to ride a train north, traveling by train via Washington DC, NYC, Niagara Falls, Winnipeg, Saskatewan, the Pas and Thompson all the way to Churchill Manitoba on the Hudson Bay coast. North of there there are no trains. I then assume that cities further north are linked by an extensive ferry system like they have in Alaska. I would ferry hop to Arviat, Rankin Inlet, whale cove, igloolik, arctic bay, resolute, griese fjord and then to Alert on the very northern tip of Canada.

I would assume that I could have a charter boat take me from Alert to the arctic ice pack, and would then bring a sleigh on the boat, and call a bunch of reindeer to pull my sleigh all the way to the North Pole.

What would it be like to spend Christmas Eve at the North Pole? I would hope to see moose, polar bears, arctic wolves, penguins, northern lights, northern elves, much of the legendary sights of the northern pole, are there Eskimo’s and igloos on this route to see or is that in Alaska?

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    You assume wrong.  The only way to get to Alert is on a military flight from Trenton, Ontario, which takes permission.  Between Churchill, and north of there there are no ferries.  At all.  Period.

    There is no life at the North Pole.  All those thing you mentioned are south of there, and penguins at the other pole.  Even Alert was to far north for Northern Lights.  And, too far north for the Inuit as well.

    - 2 years spent at Alert

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    You would be best advised to write a letter to Father Christmas to arrange accommodation when you get there.

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    Reindeer can not go to the North Pole. When they live in snowy regions they dig through the snow to eat grass underneath. But further north there is nothing under the snow but more snow and rock.

    That's why explorers who want to go there, but not by helicopter, pull sleds of food for themselves.

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