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How can anybody hate labor unions (when they've done NOTHING to hurt the middle and lower classes)?

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    They hurt the 1%. 

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    In years past unions struck, management caved, prices went up, factories left the country.

    Management did not economize....they chose to raise prices during strikes as the easy way....labor and mgmnt both won. Customers lost.

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    One of the biggest problems I have is obvious from some of the bigger UK unions - Unite and Unison.

    Their leadership are "champagne socialists", meaning they live on extremely high salaries and expense accounts, whilst also often claiming state benefits. They've often got a better income than doctors or MPs, and have often been photographed DURING STRIKES eating at some of the most expensive restaurants in London.

    The leadership of these Unions is often corrupt.

    Moreso, in the UK there is often the case where unions specifically fund political parties, and in some workplaces FORCE people to join if everyone else there is a member. Often through intimidation. It is not morally right for a person to be forced to join a union which funds a political party you don't support.

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    Nobody cares Karen. 

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