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Hey. I live at my parent's house and I am 27. I am not computer savvy. How do I figure out if they use monitoring devices on my technology?


Legit question. Do not feel like explaining.

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    Most antivirus programs will detect installed monitoring software. Even if they install monitoring software you can look in your antivirus programs to see if they did. As for and external monitoring device you would just need to look around to see. But all honesty I highly doubt they did this or are even savvy enough to be able to do it. I'm unable to give step by step instructions since you didn't explain more on what programs and which way you believe for what reasons.

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    As others have said, since you are not savvy, only thing you can really do is look for a reaction or research until you know what is needed.  Since you are of age, they should be aware that it is illegal to monitor you without your permission.

  • hart
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    check your BIOS

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    do they own a Roku? then they are monitoring you.

    have you given them a reason to be monitored? then why would they? that takes a lot of work, and is not easy to do.

    but i'm sure they're trying, if you're really that bad...

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  • 1 month ago

    One way would be to do something sketchy with one of your devices. If they react to that, then you know they are monitoring you.

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    Are you and your parents using the same computer? If not, and they don't have access to your computer to install a program to track you, then they are not tracking you since they would have no way to install a tracker.

    If you are sharing a computer with them, then the best way to see is when you are on the computer, go to task manager and see what programs are running. For anything you see that might be suspicious, just do an internet search on that file's name and see what kind of program it is connected to

    you could also go into your computer's list of programs and see if there is something installed. Anything weird just do an internet search on the name of that file and see what it is

    If you have administrator rights to the computer you are on then it would pretty much defeat the purpose of the tracker since you could easily, as an administrator, uninstall the program, thus it's doubtful you're being tracked

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  • David
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    If you aren’t computer savvy you probably will need help from a security expert. Either that or become computer savvy yourself and read up about computer monitoring.

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