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Why do Nazis want blue eyes and red hair? What percentage of the white race is still pure? I heard they mixed with the local populations?

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    By "mixed", I'm sure you are referring to rape. After all, it's not as if targets of colonial expansion or imported slave workers had any say in hereditary outcome. Racial purity was killed in the crib, ironically by white supremacists.

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    We all came from black Africa .

  • sarah
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    Hitler believed in evolution and that the white race was the best humans on earth and the blue eyes was a sign of intelligence. But he was not above using religion to gain the support of the German people. He circulated a picture of him shaking hands with the pope. Even the pope blessed the troups on both sides in the war. As a teacher I found that skin color did not determine intelligent or even the ability to find a job and become a worth while person. Those who are not mixed have a higher percentage of birth defects. So the more mixed you are usually you are healthier.

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    4 weeks ago

    No schools near you ?

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