Canker sores inside mouth or?

I had protected sex around 2 weeks ago with this guy I’ve known, a couple weeks before that we did have oral sex. I got texted on Monday for a 10 panel STD exam and results came back negative for everything, I am still waiting on herpes 2 but 1 came back negative. 

Last Friday I woke up with swollen lymph nodes and a sore throat and a slight burning sensation on urination with no lesions whatsoever around my genitals, I tested negative for strep and UTI. My OBGYN took a look at me today and didn’t seem concerned. 

My only new concerning symptom that started today that I didn’t inform doctors about bc of how new it is is these cold sores in my mouth? Idk if I should be concerned, or if they’re just from the stress I’ve allowed this situation to cause. They’re slightly painful and only in the bottom front right when my bottom front teeth are 

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1 Answer

  • Unless the sores are causing some itching, burning and or tingling symptoms, they look more like canker sores then cold sores. Canker sores are not an std and they're not related to herpes. Canker sores are raised white lesions that cause minor pain. 

    Cold sores don't commonly occur on the out side of the mouth, not on the inside of it.

    If you're concerned about this, see your doctor and get it checked out.

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