Is it time to look for a new job?

In the beginning, I was praised for being a hard worker and how I have an intelligent mind. But now things have been looking strange

For example:

Last week she said I am disengaged because my desk is facing the wall (that she clearly assigned me to, after a new girl was hired she assigned her to my old desk without telling me, I had to find out from another co worker). She claims my phone calls are not as high as they used to be (she told me I made 30 to 40 calls a day, but couldn't tell me how many I did lately)

To add on to it, she tells me to interfile and answer phones at the same time so I can get my call numbers up and to continue this routine until the end of the year and to make sure to be on stand by for the phones so that the Accounts clerks can focus on their checks and not focus too much on the heavy phone calls. And she said to not put any files away until one co worker comes back from their lunch. 

Now that it is a new week I'm told I need to be fast and efficient with the interfiling and putting them away and there is no excuse for me to take a long time with the task (before I would interfile and put them away at the same time and had someone help me interfile so that way the task could get done). I'm trying to do the best I can, but it seems like everyday i can't seem to do anything right it's a new excuse from my boss or a co worker. Right now I've applied to other jobs hoping I hear something soon. Has this ever happened to anyone at their jobs?


I forgot to add I also pull bills/receipts and I make sure that when I pull them they match the right Documents for the Accountant clerks and my boss says I need to be fast and efficient which I am trying to do, but if there are 50 to 100+ bills to pull then yes it does take longer, if it's not alot to pull then it gets done quick. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Yes, get a new job.

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