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Isn’t Sam Brownback the worst governor in the history of the world (since his economic policies did nothing positive for Kansas)?

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    Brownback argued that tax cuts would pay for themselves through the increased revenue resulting from boosting the state's economic growth.By early 2017, Kansas had "nine rounds of budget cuts over four years, three credit downgrades, missed state payments", and what the Atlantic called "an ongoing atmosphere of fiscal crisis".[14] To make up the budget shortfall, lawmakers tapped into state reserves set aside for future spending, postponed construction projects and pension contributions, and cut Medicaid benefits.[17] Since approximately half of the state's budget went to school funding, education was particularly hard hit.[17]In addition to budget problems, Kansas was lagging behind neighboring states with similar economies in "nearly every major category: job creation, unemployment, gross domestic product, taxes collected".[42]

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    Very bad, but my head is not an encyclopedia. I’m sure there were worse ones, especially in Dixie.

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