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HEADLINE: U.S. troops who remain in Syria are redeploying to bases.  I thought Trump was bringing our troops home and defeated ISIS?

What actually happened:  Trump deliberately let hundreds of ISIS prisoners go in the chaos of the troops rushing to leave, made our allies angry by ditching them, and now U.S. troops have to redeploy back to far more hostile territory after achieving nothing, other than pleasing Trump's master, Mr. Putin.  I thought Trump told us he listens mainly to his gut and has a very good instinct for these things?  More endless lies from Trump....

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    Trump is doing Putin a favour.

    Putin will return the favour when he helps Trump win the election next year

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    But he didn't do that so the question is moot.

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      Nice try at lying, @Jeffrey.  He did all of that and more.

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    Russia is going to emerge as the dominant power in Syria because it has spent these years fighting to keep Bashar al-Assad in power in Damascus. That has worked. So Russia kind of holds sway over the whole of the country. Russia does not want the United States with a little foothold in its client state that it's spent a lot of money and sent troops and weapons to prop up. Iran has also benefited from the war in Syria because it has played also a big role in propping up Bashar al-Assad. Iran does not want America there. Turkey is allied with America, but it doesn't like America supporting the Kurds. That is anathema to Turkey. So Turkey doesn't want the U.S. there.

    You are looking at a situation where the forces that don't want the U.S. there were always going to combine in some way or another to pressure the U.S. to go out, and Trump seems to have made it very easy for them.

     Iran and Russia are definitely not our allies.

    Trump claims to want to end “endless wars” while doing nothing of the sort.

    His most prominent critics, for their part, have seized on Trump’s mess to demand an open-ended mission in Syria—and thus another unending deployment in the Middle East.

    Both sides have put forward the fiction that Trump, who has sent 14,000 more troops to the Middle East since May, is actually reducing the U.S. military presence there.

    As in Syria, so in the greater Middle East. Trump may lambast endless war in tweets, but he has increased U.S. troop levels by 30 percent since May, in addition to nearly doubling U.S. forces in Afghanistan since taking office. The first two years of his presidency saw 28 percent more drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan compared with his predecessor’s first two years. True, he has so far refrained from launching a new war on Iran, but his “maximum pressure” campaign helped bring the two countries close to the brink to begin with.

    In short, the president claims to be ending endless war while only waging more.

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    No, because when the Generals told Trump Syria had oil, the President mysteriously changed his mind about sending them home.

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