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please seriously answer this, im panicking.?

im in 8th grade. ive been homeschooled since 6th grade. i never really bothered paying attention for math, im basically clueless when it comes to math. im going to high school soon (still going to be homeschooled) and im panicking about the regents that ill have to take in the future. has anyone passed the math regents even though theyve rarely paid attention in math class? any advice will be useful. i plan to start seriously paying attention in math. but my important question is, has anyone passed the math regents without studying? please help i really am scared 

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    start from basic mathematical concepts through YouTube videos which will definitely help you. Take your time learning math and try not to stress about it

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      Thank you! I'm currently studying and I'm getting the hang of what I've been stressing about these past days! Thank you for the smart advice instead of being rude and unhelpful I truly appreciate it! :)

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    Don't panic. Mathematics is a subject that many people fear, but that can be improved with practice and understanding of the concepts. 

    Start from the beginning. Become familiar with the foundations and basic topics, and do as many practice questions as you can. Then move on to the more difficult topics. You will find them much easier if your basics are clear. 

    Get help wherever you can; from a tutor, a good textbook, or online. And don't forget to practice! The more you practice solving the questions, the more you will understand the concepts and improve. 

    With these steps, you should be able to perform well on the regents. Good luck!

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    Resign yourself to being poor at math at present, but there's no reason you can't learn it and even excel in the future.

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    I can't offer specific help on the regents, but to "start seriously paying attention in math" shows you don't understand math. Math builds upon the concepts almost all along the way. If you don't understand the basics, you can't just start paying attention and get it all (unless you actually have learned the stuff and don't realize it). So I would suggest if you really care about that to start watching some videos and such and at least try to get a foundation in areas that you should already know.

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    No, you can't pass the regents without a solid background in math. If you're going to be doing high school math, you need to review what you've missed. This, by the way, is one of the reasons states should allow homeschooling. It often means "no schooling" and results in students who can't get into college and can't get a job. It's also child abuse in my opinion. There's a lot to be learned in school that has little to do with academics- how to negotiate, persuade and compromise for example. I know homeschooled kids who were completely unprepared for the dynamics and politics of the workplace. 

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