If 5.7 kg of CO₂ are produced during a combustion reaction, how many molecules of CO₂ would be produced?

show work please

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  • david
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    2 months ago
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    1st find molar mass of CO2  --  1x12 + 2x16  =  44g/mole

    next convert using the metric(SI) system and Avogadro's number

       (5.7 kg) X (1000g/kg) X (1mole/44g) X (6.022x10^23 molecule/mole)

      ....  now just use a calculator

      =  7.8 x 10^25 molecules

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  • 2 months ago

    How many molecules ....

    5.7 kg CO2 x (1000 g / 1 kg) x (1 mol CO2 / 44.0g CO2) x (6.022x10^23 molecules CO2 / 1 mol CO2) = 7.8x10^25 molecules CO2

    Showing work means showing the setup for the unit-factor method where each conversion factor takes us from what is given to the answer we desire.  The units we don't want cancel out, leaving the units we do want.  That's why it is also called dimensional analysis.

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