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What's the difference between mild autism, moderate autism, and severe autism?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    you can look up the medical definition.

    it is called LEVELS (level 1, 2, 3)

    realize people tend to have mixed skills...high in some area, average in some, low in others...

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    3 weeks ago

    Well! Severe-autism means when someone can't talk, self injure behavior, no motor skills, no communication and social skills, they make weird sounds, no verbal and non-verbal skills, and their often in their own little world and will never learn to be independent, and I think Moderate-Autism means someone in the middle of the spectrum, they have some of the symptoms as those with severe autism,

    And Mild-Autism is when someone can communicate and socialize with others but they just have problems with reading facial expressions and body language and sometimes appear socially awkward, but they can learn how to read people's faces and body language, they have verbal and non-verbal skills, they can do a lot of things by themselves without help, like putting on clothes, showering, cooking, driving, being independent! and alot of other stuff, so basically people with mild forms of autism are Normal with a few problems that they can overcome.

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