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Difference between collective and singular noun?

I'm trying to learn Hungarian and it was talking about the singular and collective nouns and it said "nouns are used in the singular if preceded by a number or a word expressing quantity" but then it said "collective nouns are used in the plural when talking about several quantities" I'm just so confused because it also said all general nouns are collective nouns? how can a noun be singular if it has a quantity attached to it? someone please help...

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    Sometimes another author explaining it differently will help. Does this page help any?  As it was long ago I learned it, the only clear rule I now remember is 'if plural numeral first, then no plural marker on the noun,' and although that seems contradictory/illogical, some other languages do that, too. Just not  English.  .....

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      So like in english it would be like "two book" instead of "two books"?

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