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Does philosophy effect everyday conversations? ?

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    Yes, philosophy will effect everyday conversions due to the fact that opinions and philosophy are very well linked. It will set up a new method of thought processes, which will certainly be useful. I also had previously interviews my philosophy proffer, and he said that it will help keep things interesting as you piece a puzzle of a story. together.

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    It does. It starts with where are my keys? , and suddenly you find yourself explaining eudaimonia to your child who is frustrated in his ethics class so that they flourish until they hit the next snag. The overbearing mom who is your coworker, you explain free will to, so she eases off her kid who you know is eternally screwed and you laugh at the irony for knowing the kids destiny and trying to fight for the opposite.  


    You talk about it when you talk politics, religion, whether you eat meat or gave it up.   

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    Indeed yes , philosophy is mixed everywhere , its like air , spread everywhere , even child utters some high philosophy sometimes , we fail to notice . man without philosophy is like animal . without touching philosophy one cant make meaningful conversation ..

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    Yes. In essence, a philosophy about something is an opinion, therefore anything you have an opinion about represents your philosophy about it. That philosophy might be the result of intense study and deep contemplation and developed over a long period of time,  or it might be a shallow and frivolous opinion arrived at with little to no thought whatsoever. Academic philosophy, however (the type one reads in college philosophy books), generally does not come up in "every day" conversations except superficially. 

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    The word is more like the idea of ​​politics

    the word is ideaThe idea is a small part of the relationship.

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    i think it can do that

  • martin
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    Yes, because conversations usually involve opinions, which have logical bases involving your own philosophy of life.

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