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Does philosophy relate to political science in any way? ?

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    In politics, opinions can be heavily analyzed philosophically. Debates, meetings, and ideas are all places where philosophy is a prominent topic, in terms of deciding what to do and why we should do it. Political science is one of the main subjects that incorporates critical thinking in a social setting.

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    Havent you read chanakya niti , great political treaty done by chanakya , its gem of all philosophies , which is based on politics and rulers , it tells how a ruler should be . another great epic ,mahabaratha , its battle fought for land and sovereign , lord krishna himself spoke political philosophy and lived like that .

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    Of course it does. What do you think ideologies are? They are a political philosophy.

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    well it's hard!

    The basis of politics are ideals or ideas

    and the true partex philosophy of remarkably deep observations.

    On the one hand "political" are all ractions.

    And for philosophy there are certainly all relationships.

    Can the relationship be made with politics?

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  • martin
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    Yes. Politics are all about philosophy. Politics try to argue a logical reason to support or oppose a bill for legislation or the abolishing of a law.

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