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What is the general purpose of philosophy?

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    When you ask a question with no answer, then what is the point? Asking a question that requires critical thinking to make the answer solved to you is the point of philosophy. I read a text off a document from the Princeton University archives recently that stated that "the question itself does not seem to contain a pointer to the way in which the answer to it is to be found." What this means that when solving something you set the path yourself to find the answer. There are so many questions philosophers are still trying to answer, and so many that have yet to be asked.

  • To make up your own mind and not blindly follow the works of others. To seek perfection that you may judge best. To constantly reshape your ideas to the strictest standards you can envision. 

    Philosophy is a commentary on the ins and outs of our reality. One that might in its limit become a form of mathematics. And more rigorous would it be if it was. If morality had a shape for instance. 

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    To feed the thought and to rip the mind , which is oscillating every where . if you succeed at anchoring it in single direction then you have done noble deed to your soul ..

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    Abstract discussions, heavy vocabulary and ideas and concepts zooming overhead !!

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  • The love of knowledge, is a main attraction "here".

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    To tell others what you've thought about and the meaning of it. It's a search for knowledge but the scriptures tells us “The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of knowledge . . . [and] of wisdom.” (Proverbs 1:7; Psalms 111:10)

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