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Who to break up with an obsessive boyfriend who emotionally relies on me for everything?  (Read)?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend since I was 17 and I’m 24 now. I feel like I need to experience new things with new people. I’ve gotten to the point of crushing On other people and all that.  2 yrs ago I cheated up me. Not that I purposely did it but I assumed no way he’d forgive me .. I know I wouldn’t. When he found out ... he didn’t stop contacting me . I thought that was strange. I tried to convince him maybe we need space but he wanted to forgive me a day later.  He works in construction so seeing women is is rare which makes breaking with him harder. It’d be one thing if he was surrounded by women and he would have no prob moving on but he isn’t. He is very jealous and obsessive. Before I mentioned marriage and he isn’t interested in it.  Im 24. I know that may sound young to most but if I want experience of the single life, marriage, and kids... time is ticking.  I just feel like we are 2 diff ppl now! Once I broke up with him and he would not stop contacting me, showing up at my house, wanting to commit suicide. He threatened to send my mom the texts on me going off about her (I live with her & she would kick me out if she saw it). I don’t know what to do. I’ve been responding less and less... maybe eventually the relationship would start to fall apart but actually it’s almost made it WORSE! He would stop asking me 2009472 questions of why I’m not responding. I get told I must be cheating . Someone please give me advice

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    You don't even live with this guy and that makes it much easier. Seven years is WAY too long to be a starter/training relationship and these things are generally supposed to fizzle out during the college years. So you've done more than your time in this one but have finally matured to where you realize your can't make an informed decision on a life partner if you've only ever dated one person. Just end it. He'll find a way to carry on without you.

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    Time to be honest with him, and break up.m Do not worry about him and his future. How long do you think you can stay with him?

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    The fact that he threatened to send your mom those texts or keeps telling you that you're cheating should be enough to know he doesn't want the best for you. He sounds abusive. These are the traits of an abusive partner. Threatening to kill himself, threatening YOU, not giving you space / time and peace;; jealousy and obsession 

     Yeah the jealousy and obsession might sound sweet but really it isn't. That's just immature. And if it's not immature, then, even worse, that's being abusive. Someone who loves you should do things in your best interest not what he feels like no matter the consequences or just to keep you " by his side" that is not true love. Now i am in no way excusing this awful behavior but you need to set your boundaries too. And you shouldn't have cheated. You hurt him and in the process he is hurting you too (in a much different way I guess) which is really immature if not malicious. If you analyze it in a logical way, this relationship doesn't seem to be healthy or heading in a healthy direction at all. You definitely need to get out of it and spend time making your own decisions (AND DONT CHEAT! or lie) peacefully and calmly. I suggest you surround yourself with friends or people who care about you and start worrying about your own self and how you can be a better person to yourself and to others while at the same time not letting yourself get stomped on by guys like the one you just described. I wish you all the best luck. 

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