What is the most popular among the English learners, American English or British English?

I already study the American pronunciation and try to reduce my accent, so the answers are not going to change my mind.

If you are not a native speaker, please answer if you speak American or British English, a mix between both or something else.

What do you think is the easier to learn, American or British English? And what is your native language.

(i want to know how your native language can influence your choice)

The reason i made this question is that when i hear non native english speakers speaking, usually they seem to speak more like the American English, but they try to pronounce every consonant in the words, they pronounce every T there is in the words and that might sound more British, but in the other hand they never speak with a British intonation.

This makes me get confused, because it's not hard to try to change your pronunciation and sound more like an American or an English. It's nearly impossible to get rid of your native accent.

And non native English speakers that speak English very well are likely to speak American English. But that's my opinion, I'm not sure if that's true.

In fact I'm not sure about anything, I'm just here because I don't really know anything and I'm curious about it.


Some of you guys don't understand what I mean between American or British English.

It's not a matter of accent, the pronunciation is different.

When you are learning to pronounce words properly, to say sheet, not ****, beach not *****, it instead of eat, you will have to chose between the American, British or Australian pronunciation. In words like WATER, there's no middle ground, you have to pick one pronunciation.

Update 2:

I get it that some of you, when you hear for example, a Russian speaking English, you guys are like "he has a russian accent", and never "he's speaking american English and he has a russian accent". That happens because the Russian accent is more noticeable than the American pronunciation this poor Russian dude is trying to speak.

Update 3:

I've seen Chinese people that came to my country speaking my native language with a reduced accent, and Chinese people speaking with a strong accent. There are also famous foreign people in my country that has a reduced accent.

Why is english so special that no foreign can speak it using a British or a American pronunciation?

I can notice if a foreign person is speaking Brazilian or European Portuguese, and I don't call it copying, I call it a choice.

Update 4:

I made a cultural question. I'm not a millionaire to make a full research about the choices of English learners. So that's what I came up with.

Just because American English and British English are considered the same language, It doesn't mean their equal. The same way European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are different, European Spanish and South American Spanish are also different. And a Portuguese or spanish learner has to chose which "version" of the language they will learn.

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  • martin
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    3 weeks ago
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    American English is the language of international business. It used to be British English, but the empire has disappeared. America is the leading country in the world economically, influentially, and militarily.

  • 3 weeks ago

    "English learners" sounds odd in the US.  We all them "English students."

    Educated people from Spain and Latin America how no trouble when speaking to each other. The problems arise when uneducated people use faulty pronunciation and regional slang.

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      .. generally easier to understand when in standard form, & thus likely more convenient to learn, spellings tend to be more phonetic etc; most persons can adjust amount of drawl & precision, standard Am having very little drawl; spelling & pronunciation are learned, as are colloquialisms

  • Zirp
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    3 weeks ago


    Learning English in the Netherlands, I read(ed) books and watched movies no matter where they are from: USA, UK, Australia, newzealand, southafrica, Canada.

    In international meetings, expressions that make no sense to native speakers are widely used: "another world is possible", "go use the disabled toilet", "would you like iceberg-salad?"

    British and American English are the same language, so they are equally difficult.

    Purposely speaking with an american or british accent definitely CAN be quite difficult, especially if you are not a fluent speaker and still struggling with using the right words and emphasising the right syllables. Obviously, being understood takes priority over using an accent similar to that of the person you are speaking with

  • 3 weeks ago

    people with forced accent sound stupid. just speak the language with whatever accent u have

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      interesting answer; also, in some instances, may be nonintelligible mispronunciation results from incorrect/ noncomplete instruction  

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Most people in Europe and Asia learning English as a second (or third or whatever) language learn British English. 

    You mention the letter "t". British people pronounce it for the most part although some Londoners replace it with a glottal stop in some words. Americans often pronounce "t" as "d":. I have seen Americans confused by this because cows have udders and "t" and "d" sound the same, I have often seen Americans call them "utters" in writing.  "Butter" and "budder" sound the same to Americans but different to English people who also have the London option of "bu'er" with the glottal stop.

    To many Americans "mother", "father" and "bother" rhyme. In English they do not. Americans write the affectionate term for "mother" as "mom", Brits write it as "mum". To Americans these words sound the same, to Brits they don't.

  • hi
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    3 weeks ago

    I don't think copying someone's accent is possible .A person's  accent is the result of having been born in a certain place. Then reason non English native speakers  pronounce the letter "t" is because in our native languages the letter "t" is always pronounced therefore  when we pronounce words in English we can't help but pronounce the letter "t"..It  is easier to pronounce it than to pronounce the way Americans do it.

    • daniel123456
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      That's why it's called accent reduction, you reduce your accent, you don't change it completely. There are people with so strong accents that they completly mispronounce the words and it's hard to understand them. And there are people who learned the right pronunciation and have a reduced accent.

  • 3 weeks ago

    It depends where you are really and where you want to speak English. However, a British accent is more respected than an American one in most of the world, especially Britain and Europe. It sounds more refined and educated to most people. However, if you are speaking English in the Caribbean or Asia, including the Middle East, most people will be used to an American accent. 

    So it all comes back to where you are going to be speaking it. 

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