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can a child die with in hours with no warning from a intestinal twist?

A girl I went to high school with, I just saw on FB her 7 year old son died last month from a intestinal twist. All she said on the news was her and her husband put their son to bed, and he suddenly woke up saying his stomach was sore and he had a dream that a monster cut it open.... I am confused because wouldn't there be symptoms for a long time? How did they just put him to bed, he suddenly has a stomach ache, and in a couple hours progresses to the point they take in to the hospital, before he arrives he goes into unconscious and is brain dead? With in hours? and no other warning signs? Isn't a twisted intestine the same as a blockage? Remember Heather ORourke, she died from a intestinal blockage, she was sick for years. Since I was a kid I had problems with my bowels and still expect I might have something. How does her young son seem normal until one night he complains of stomach pains and they think it's a stomach bug and is dead with in a few hours? no other signs leading up to it?


 I am confused about it says if a child has volvulus they are born with it and it's caused during pregnancy when the child's intestines do not rotate and fit right in the abdomen , it's a birth defect so how did this child not show any signs in 7 years and than has a tummy ache and dies in a few hours?  a intestinal twist does not happen suddenly, it's there and death occurs if there is perforation from the intestines dying from blood supply being cut off.  No symptoms till the day he died?

Update 2:

Reading more on Volvulus, you are only affected by it when during the 10th week you're in the womb, when the intestines are formed, they go out at the biblical cord and when they go to the belly, instead of settling in correctly, it does a malrotation not settling correctly, which means any time after birth can become twisted and or blocked.

Update 3:

"Image result for

Malrotation is an abnormality in which an infant's intestine does not form in the correct way in the abdomen. Malrotation is often not evident until the baby experiences a twisting of the intestine known as a volvulus."

Update 4:

after being born with this defect the intestine can become twisted at any time suddenly at 7 years old, 50 years old, 2 months old, ect

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    The only mechanism related to volvulus that is likely to become fatal in a matter of hours is hemorragic shock.  Hemorrhage is a rare complication of volvulus.  There's a lot of large blood vessels closely tied to the intestines. 

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    I consulted my 2148-page Medical illustrated Dictionary and no definition for "intestinal twist" is listed.The name may come from a nickname given to the condition where the small intestine becomes twisted causing obstruction that could lead to danger. The small intestine is the major organ for digestion and is more than 20 feet long when uncoiled. Quiz Google.


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    Yes it does happen but it is very rare.

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    sounds like they could

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    Look up volvulus for answers

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    It can progress very quickly.

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