Should I congratulate my "Ex"?

The relationship was complicated. We were never official but the heart break kind of felt like one that was. It did not end the best, but since "breaking-up" he has apologized for things and have occasionally met up for coffee. We ended it trying to be friends we are now both in great relationships, but since my relationship we never ended up meeting up again, we still wish each other happy birthday and stuff but it feels a little different now that mine is serious.

Anyway, he is a small musician who started taking off when we started dating. He always told me how much he valued my opinion and support with his music. Which is why I don t know what to do. He just released a single and its been a couple months since we talked and had a conversation but I don t know if its okay anymore to congratulate him? Not that my current boyfriend would care we occasionally listen to his music but its still the fact its a kind of "ex".



Casually dating = " not official" 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I have NO idea what "we were never official means."

    I strongly suspect you are too immature to be in any relationship, "official" or otherwise.

    I'd leave him alone.

    • Alyssa4 weeks agoReport

      Hi, actually I am 23, so no I am not "too immature", but thank you for your opinion! It's 2019, casually dating is more relevant than any other time. Perhaps you're too old to have experienced it, or have been in a long term relationship (etc.), but thats what I mean't by "not official".

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