Starting to get disappointed and discouraged?

I have taken 2 tests last night and they looked like faint positives, but I think it was just the indent in the test (First Response). I have taken 3 tests today and all negative with no second line. My period is a week away and I'm getting disappointed that my breast tenderness and nauseas is probably just from PMS. My boyfriend and I had sex 4 days before ovulation (I used a test, had discharge/pain) so the chances are probably not that high anyway. I'm starting to get disappointed.

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  • 2 months ago

    I will admit I do this too, but its not a good idea to test yourself so early. It will drive you nuts. You are likely to get more accurate results a few days before your period is due, but for sure when it is due or right after. Even the early response tests like Clearblue, if you look at the box, the % for an accurate response a couple days before your period is due, the % goes up each time you get closer to your period and the day of your period. I know people that did not get BFP's on their tests until a day after their period was due. 

    Implantation of the fertilized egg in your uterine wall does not happen until 6-12 days after you conceive/the egg is fertilized. Once it implants, the body doubles the amount of HCG in your blood every 24-48 hrs (which these tests pick up, each one being different in terms of sensitivity). So if you implant late such as day 11-12, some of your tests may not be able to pick up the HCG until a day or so AFTER your period is due, or when it is due, depending on how long your cycle is. If your period is a week away, you may not have implanted yet! Do not be disappointed until your period comes.

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  • LizB
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    2 months ago

    If your period is a week away you're testing too early.

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