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In terms of business, what does a monopoly mean? And would you consider Disney, Netflix, Walmart and Nike monopolies? Please explain, thanks?

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    A monopoly is when a company is the only company in the industry.

    Disney:  Has many business lines but in terms of amusement parks, they have competition.  They also have competition with movies, tv, etc

    Netflix: Red Box, Hulu, YouTube, etc

    Walmart: Target, KMart

    Nike: Adias, Reebok.

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    A monopoly is having the market to themselves. None of those mentioned are monopolies. Disney has not taken the market away from anyone. They created their own characters and their empire from there. Netflix is just one of many channels offering programing. Walmart is only one of several large chain stores. They don't have a monopoly o n anything. Nike - you have heard of Adidas, New Balance, etc. - haven't you? Nike is only one of many shoe manufacturers.

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    It means do your own homework, punk.

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    It means you have no competition... It means no other company can provide what you produce, or at least not in the same quality or for a similar price

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