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FCE Functional Capacity Evaluation?

I got a new job and I had to take a FCE for it. I failed the floor to above shoulder lift. The box used is a wooden box with 2 sets of handles. I was told to use the bottom set of handles. They started me lifting the box empty, then added 10lbs with each lift until I got to 50lbs. I did this to the knees and waist and on to a shelf with no problem. By the time I got to the floor to shoulder I was fatigued and when I got to the top weight which was either 35 or 50lbs (they said the couldn’t tell me the weight) I couldn’t get it over my shoulders. I’m re-taking this test next week. I have been practicing and found I can do this lift if I can set the box on my knee to adjust my hand orientation before I stand up. But my question is, would they allow me to do that? I’d like answers from people who have taken these tests before or administered them. 

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