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what do you think of this excerpt saying that the blacks were used as overlords/whip-crackers over the indigenous native slaves-is it true?

From wiki.

"In this early period, enslaved African men were often labor bosses, overseeing indigenous labor. Franciscan Toribio de Benaventa Motolinia (1482-1568), one of the First Twelve Franciscans to arrive in Mexico in 1524, considered blacks the Fourth Plague on Mexican Indians. He wrote "In the first years these black overseers were so absolute in their maltreatment of the Indians, over-loading them, sending them far from their land and giving them many other tasks that many Indians died because of them and at their hands, which is the worst feature of the situation".

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    It's true but what's your point. It didn't take long for the Spanish/Europeans to replace the native slaves with African slaves. This is from the source you provided also:

    "When Spain first enslaved Native Americans on Hispaniola, and then replaced them with captive Africans, it established slave labor as the basis for colonial sugar production. It was believed by Europeans that Africans had developed immunities to European diseases, and would not be as susceptible to fall ill as the Native Americans because they had not been exposed to the pathogens yet."

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    It's very simple. Brutality begets brutality.

    Prisoners in NAZI camps who were elevated to be over-seers were almost always crueller to their fellow prisoners than the original Nazi guards.

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    This is the opinion of one observer, but the fact that there were black overseers is beyond doubt. Give a slave a little higher status and show him a little more favor, and he'll do what you want more eagerly. That's just the psychology of slavery.

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    All races have done these kinds of things to others.

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    The Persians were the only civilisation that had no slaves so in my view it may be true however it was usually ignorants who would adopt such measures. 

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    Almost all societies had slaves to one degree or another, the form in the USA was especially pernicious.

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      But you are correct that the ancient Persians had a general view that slavery was bad and did not practice it much among themselves.

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