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I carelessly took 2000mg of paracetamol. Am I ok?

the box said a maximum of 8 pills in 24 hours so I assumed taking 4 will be alright if I don't take anymore for the day. Just yesterday I took 1400mg of ibuprofen and now my mom is nagging that i'm taking too much.

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    It is very important to read the instructions very carefully when taking any medication.  There can be complications if too much of one chemical goes into your body.  If you think you've taken too much of a dose and you're feeling "off", as in stomach pain, light headed, dizziness, vomiting or any other symptoms, it will be important to go to the hospital or call the poison hotline immediately.  1‑800‑222‑1222

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes you will be fine

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    2 months ago

    As a one off it won't do any permanent damage and your liver will recover. As long as you're 18+ you can safely take 1,000mg paracetamol every 4 hours, no more than 4 doses in any 24 hour period. The dosage is lower if you're under 18. Taking more than 1,000mg at once has no extra painkilling effect but is toxic to the liver and if repeated enough it will cause liver failure and ultimately death.

    Unless directed to by a doctor also stick to the maximum directed dose of ibuprofen which is 400mg every 4-6 hours, no more than 3 doses in any 24 hour period. Always take with food or a glass of milk or you'll end up with a stomach or duodenal ulcer which can rupture and cause severe internal bleeding and death. 

    If you cannot control your pain with either paracetamol or ibuprofen you can safely take the maximum dose of both medications. Alternate between the two every 2-3 hours throughout the day for the most effective result. If you are still in pain after 3 days consult a doctor. Write down what tablets you take, the dosage and the time so that you don't end up overdosing by mistake.

    If you're in the UK have a chat with a pharmacist about trying over the counter paracetamol and codeine tablets or ibuprofen and codeine if your pain is severe.

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