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A relative of mine is getting eloped tomorrow. I’m disappointed it’s not a family wedding. How do I distract myself tomorrow?

It feels weird because some family weddings were not welcome at because of my mom’s bad deeds. As a result well this is not a Wedding it feels like I’m missing something like if I was being excluded like I was four years ago for my cousins wedding.


The elopement is in Kentucky and I live right nearby in Ohio. 

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    One doesn't "get eloped." One elopes, i.e. quietly goes away to get married. Sounds like that isn't the case here regardless (since you know it's happening), they're simply having a very private wedding. Some people choose that rather than the bother and expense of a huge wedding. They're still getting married. I'm not sure why this should upset anyone.

    Eta: Um okay. I'm not sure what location has to do with anything. They're "eloping" i.e. limiting their guest list, choosing to not have a big event.

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    There's no such thing as "getting eloped"  and there's no "elopement."  

    To elope is to secretly run away to get married, so there will be a wedding.   

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    The they are eloping, you are not being excluded, there is NO wedding to attend. If you feel cut out of family events because of your mother, perhaps you can make your own family contacts and hope that you will then be included whether she is, or not. Depends upon your age, so how old are you? Good luck,

  • 3 weeks ago

    Stop posting this question. You probably don't get invited because you're annoying.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Elope is not a wedding. No one is excluded since it's not common to invite guests when you elope. Most people elope due to family problems actually...

    • Dr. Stephanie
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      You don't know this to be the actual reason people choose to elope, better if you express it as your personal opinion, rather than making a broad generalization that may be untrue.

  • GB
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    3 weeks ago

    Maybe  they want to save money, and I think they are sensible.  What do you mean by it's not a Wedding?  If they decide to break up, do you think they can claim the marriage is nul and void because they eloped?

  • Kelly
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    3 weeks ago

    By staying in your lane since this doesn't affect you. Staying in your lane = minding your own business.

  • 4 weeks ago

    They're eloping - so no-one's getting to go, and your mother's behaviour is irrelevant.

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