Red Dead 2 PC, 1440p locked at 30fps?

Has anyone else had a issue where only 4k and 1080p have the option of 60fps but all the other resolutions have 30fps. I want to play in 2k 1440p because i only get 45fps on low/medium at 4k. This is the only game that has done this to me and ive tried changing Fullscreen/windowed etc.


Its just the setting in settings wont go past 30fps on 1440p. Goes fo 60 on 1080 and 4k

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Red dead for PC is in an awful state at the moment. I kept getting freezes and low fps. I used process lasso to limit the cpu for rdr2.exe, so at 97% cpu usage, I have it set to reduce the cores used by 1 for 1 second. Worked a treat. Will do until they fix it.

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