What is the point of an internship?

I get that they're there for high school/college students to learn things but why should I take an internship that pays nothing over a job where I actually get paid for the work I'm doing?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    An internship looks good on a resume if you do this while studying in college or high school. It boosts hiring chances over a student who has no experience. Some internships are paid, and if it bothers you, look for those. If you have the free time, an internship if beneficial. If you are currently working some sort of job to pay for expenses, you may not have the time for it. Bur it has benefits for getting hired after college. Of course, if you manage to get a paid and relevant job over an unpaid internship, there is no reason to consider one.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Gaining experience in the field of your choice which can translate into getting hired in the field, sometimes at your place of internship, after you graduate.

    This is exactly what happened with one of our daughters. Hers was a paid internship too, which was a double benefit.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Exactly what you said, it is for high school and college students to gain experience. Many times, employers will not hire any fresh graduate who does not have some sort of experience, which is where an internship is useful. 

    If you have a paid job, then congratulations! You can by all means prefer that over an unpaid internship. 

  • juliet
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    4 weeks ago

    I did an unpaid internship, and it was great but only because I had a paid job at the side. I don’t think I could ever CHOOSE an unpaid internship over an actual job. But everyone’s situation is different. I’m sure for business, international relations, political science, etc jobs are more competitive so maybe you SHOULD choose the unpaid internship in that case. But for what I study, an internship (actually called an Externship) is recommended but not at all required.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Internships are both unpaid AND paid. The reason you take an unpaid internship is that the bachelors or masters degree program REQUIRES you to to have one or 2 internships to graduate. There are 2 or 3 major points. 

    You lay the foundation of the PROFESSIONAL social network, you develop the people skills you need to cooperate with other people in ANY job you may have in the future and you mat learn hands on skills with tools and software and techniques that apply to real world problems and situations.

    Schools do NOT hand you internships. You have to have the motivation to do your own research and either find the internships you want to apply for or go to career services to sign up for interviews with recruiters. 

    The advantage for the businesses that work with vo-tech schools,  community colleges, colleges graduate schools and universities is that they get to train possible future employees and pay them less than than someone they hire and train who may leave  and go to work for the competition who pays a higher salary. However. you need to understand that NOT ALL PAID internships end with job offers, especially if the business is closing all offices in a particular location. I had 6 month paid internship in 1998. There was NO job offer at the end. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you can find paid work that's related to your future career, by all means take the job! But most college students can only find jobs in fast food, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc. 

    While any work experience is better than none, it can be a problem if you graduate and don't have any relevant experience. Internships provide work experience and job contacts in your field. 

    Many internships are paid. If you can't find a paid internship and you can't afford not to work for money, then look into "externships" in which you can work for college credit. A ten hour per week externship shouldn't take up much more time than a three-credit college course, so you if you can earn three credits for it, you should also have time for a part-time job and 12 more credits.

  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    The point of an internship is to make the contacts you’ll use later to get your first real job.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Any decent internship these days should pay - unpaid internships are free labour, generally taken only by those rich enough to have this subsidised by parents etc

  • 4 weeks ago

    For the experience. Frankly, as a student you wouldn't qualify for a job at intern skill levels. Internships are designed to give you advanced experience, or at least broad-range experience. You also have the opportunity to see how a company works in your field of study, how you might fit into the field in the future, what specialty of the field might interest you, or whether you even want to continue study in that field.

    You also have the chance to meet professionals who may become part of your professional network, giving you recommendations in the future, or guiding you towards job opportunities upon graduation. And the experience looks good on your resume when you start looking for a permanent job later.

  • oikoσ
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    4 weeks ago

    For the same reason that you go to school, which pays you nothing (unless you are an athlete). If you can get a paying job in your chosen field, go for it. Few people can. An internship in your chosen field does more toward getting you permanent employment than a paying job in an unrelated field.

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