Traveling with Amtrak for the first time.?

This is my first time traveling Amtrak, and I just have a few questions. First question being my train departs at 11:12 AM how much time in advance should I arrive to the train station? Do I have to check in first even though I already have my tickets pre-load onto my wallet app on my iPhone? Or when I get to the train station do I just wait outside for my train? Also second question being, I am not checking a bag I’m just bringing a carry-on purse and a carry-on backpack, will my bags be checked and locked into prior to boarding the train? Almost like how it is done before going on an airplane. Also if it helps I am leaving out through New London Connecticut Amtrak train station. Also if my bag is to be checked prior to boarding the train, Will it be OK that I am bringing a bottle of whiskey with me? I am bringing it as a birthday present for my friend. It’s a custom bottle. Also I have attached an image that comes up when I look up my ticket on the Amtrak app can someone please tell me what that means. I have also looked and I see that my train leaving from New London Connecticut is a North East regional train but, I still don’t understand what that message really means. If someone could explain it to me that would be great. Thank you so very much. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

     First question being my train departs at 11:12 AM how much time in advance should I arrive to the train station?

    On the platform 30 minutes before departure.

    Somewhere in the parking lot or front door of station is not the platform.

     Do I have to check in first

    Usually NO there can be a ticket check before you get to platform . Depends on station.

     will my bags be checked.? They can be.

    Usually not.

     New London Connecticut Amtrak train station.

    IF you are an Adult over age 21 you can carry a bottle on the train. YOU CANNOT drink from it on board.

    Which words do you not know the meaning of.? It is a simple message. Advising about temporary schedule changes

    Effective November 11, 2019Northeast Regional and Acela trains will be reverting to pre trackwork schedules.New York, NY to Boston, MAAcela Express and

    >>>>>>>Northeast Regional trains will be operating between 30 minutes earlier and 5 minutes later on the Northeast Corridor.<<<<<

    Suggest you verify the day before the time of your departure.Trains do get affected by weather , construction and accidents. Scheduled time can change with little notice. Just the way it is.

    Try the train status link before you depart for the station.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Get to the station and find your boarding gate at least 1/2 hour before departure.

    Yes, you must check in.

    Your carry-on luggage will not be locked away.

    You can carry a closed bottle of liquor in your bag with no problem.

    Your departure is the time posted on your ticket. The warning is for people who have not received notice that departure times have changed.

  • Mark
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    3 weeks ago

    A half-hour.  (I've taken AMTRAK quite often.)

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