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could i be pregnant even with false negative? still no period ?

basically it’s been 3 days no period still. took a test 2 days ago it came back negative. i had sex during ovulation, 4 times seperate days. had cramping after that at 6dpo. my period cramps usually come before the day of the period. i still just had weird cramping, nausea, fatigue, super emotional. but still a BFN. i took the test right in the am with full bladder. so it confuses me as to why i got a negative? could i be pregnant? i truthfully NEVER miss a period! ever! only time i did was when i was pregnant 2 years ago. 

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    Sounds like you miscalculated ovulation.  If you'd ovulated on time, you'd most likely either have a period or a positive by now.  Test again in a few days to be sure.  Once it's been at least three weeks since sex with a negative result, it's reliable.

    Of course, if you're testing negative, the symptoms aren't from pregnancy even if you're testing too early.  If hCG was high enough to cause symptoms, it would be detected on even the least sensitive home test.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Negative test means not pregnant for crying out loud

  • Pippin
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    You can still get a negative this early.  Wait a few days and, if you don't get a period, test again.

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    4 weeks ago

    Oh look, the pregnancy troll is back.  

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      oh look, an useless answer from an immature man 

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