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I was going to do a research paper on the Mexican drug war, but she said it was too broad. How can I narrow it down?


I was thinking of studying the cartels that contribute to the Mexican drug war.

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    It's true that it is a very broad topic. Studying the drug cartels is a good idea, but why not narrow it down even further and choosing one or two specific drug cartels to write about?

    This will allow you to have a clearer and more specific idea of the type of research you need, and will make it easier for you to format, structure, and write your research paper. Similarly, you can make your research paper about a specific drug cartel leader, or the impact of a specific cartel on the economy or political stability in Mexico.

    It is such a wide topic, you can surely find plenty of material to include in your research paper, even if you narrow it down. So feel free to pick a specific topic that interests you most about the Mexican drug war. 

    Good luck!

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    That's a Ph.D. dissertation, not a research paper. Examine the effects of the cartels on one town in Mexico. Or one drug lord. Or who the audience is for those drugs (people in the U.S.) . Or the opiod crisis, which was not caused by Mexican drug dealers, but by the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. 

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    You could make the paper topical and focus on the recent war between the Sinaloa cartel and the Mexican army.  The Sinaloa cartel, the most powerful drug cartel in Mexico, last month went head-to-head with the Mexican army and won.  That was huge and seemed to put the Sinaloa cartel beyond the reach of Mexican law, but that may be very short-lived.

    Last week, members of an American family, a young mother and several children, were killed in Sinaloa.  As a result of a skirmish between the Sinaloa Cartel and a rival gang, the SUVs they were traveling in were ambushed, presumably by accident, a case of mistaken identity, a mistake that may wind up being the Sinaloa cartel's undoing.  

    The Sinaloa cartel may have been winning the drug war in Mexico, but given this extremely publicized massacre of American citizens, of innocent women and children, large-scale US intervention becomes extremely likely.  Such interventions would almost certainly tilt the scales.  So are the days of the Sinaloa cartel, which is only a month off of its greatest victory and a show of strength that made it appear omnipotent in Mexico, now numbered?  Is the Sinaloa cartel now facing extinction because the wrong cars accidentally got ambushed?

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    Broad brush your report. Doing specifics

    can become a major problem for you.

    Sighting specifics within your city, county,

    state could become hazardous to your health.

    If the Cartels and major dealers are not

    worried about Police and big league reporters.

    Putting your young self on the front line

    of exposure is not a good idea. Let the

    content of your report help those who

    understand statistics available from DOJ.

    DEA. Speak for themselves.

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    Maybe do your paper on Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo who was a Mexican Drug lord and how he came to power and what his experience was. I thought of him cause I watched season one of Narcos Mexico on Netflix and it's about him. 

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    Do it on the capture of Pablo Escobar.

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    do a paper on the theories of the true fate of the universe

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    Build a wall around it!

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