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Who are the top 5 greatest WWE/F Canadian wrestlers to you?

If I had to rank. Mine would be

1.) Chris Jericho

2.) Edge

3.) Bret Hart

4.) Chris Benoit 

5.) Owen Hart

Yes, I think Y2J and edge are better than Bret and Benoit. I know that's not gonna be popular.

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    If you think you're choices won't be the most popular, neither will mine. Not necessarily in this order:

    1) Killer Kowalski

    2) Ivan Koloff

    3) Bret Hart

    4) Edge

    5) Rick Martel

    6) Chris Benoit

    7) Dino Bravo

    8) Owen Hart

    9) Christian

    10) Jacques Rougeau

  • 4 weeks ago

    Rowdy Roddy Piper

    Chris Benoit 

    Owen Hart

    Kenny Omega

    Bret Hart

    Chris Jericho


    Trish Stratus

    Sami Xayn

    Kevin Owens


    Bobby Roode

  • Uzaif
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    1 month ago

    1.Bret Hart

    2.Chris Benoit

    3.Chris Jericho

    4.Owen Hart


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