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Getting Back Into Tae Kwon Do?

I studied Tae Kwon Do from the age of 5 until I was 16. I was two belts away from earning my black belt. I had to stop because I got my first job, and the pressure mounted for college. Now that I am out of college, I would like to get back into it. How would a 23 year old get back into practicing Tae Kwon Do?

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  • Steel
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    Somebody else (or at least a different account...) asked a very similar question one week ago. Here is my response:

    Even though you're going to be rejoining the same martial arts system in which you were previously training, not all schools within that same discipline follow a universal training regimen or schedule. That is, the material you learned at your former school may or may not be the same as the school in which you're contemplating joining. That being said, I would recommend meeting with the instructor of the new school, explain your previous training, and see what you can work out - it's possible that if they're under the same governing body (WTF, ITF, etc.), you may retain your rank after a "ramping up" period. You could (and should!) practice the material you already have, but if you're doing so for the sole sake of retaining your previous rank in the new school, you could be wasting your time.

    The bottom line, though, is that it is entirely up to the discretion of the new teacher at which level you start.

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      very good answer & advice

  • Bon
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    You start from the beginning because you failed to understand that going to martial art class is only one part of your martial art training. College and career is not an excuse for not keeping up with your training on your own. If you have been studying TDK for 11 years, then you are suppose to have an understanding of how to maintain the skills on your own time. Had you done that, then it would simply be a matter to picking up where you left off and continue from there. But because you did not, it's back to square one.

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