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So my dad keeps pestering me for farkleberry tarts... but we live in NE Florida. That’s an issue. Does anyone know where I can buy some of those damn berries so I can make him a tart? 🙃 Thanks. 

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    Farkleberries, Farkleberry Bear, and Farkleberry Tarts are fictitious creations made up by radio broadcaster Jack Bogut as part of a fundraising campaign for the Children's Hospital in Pittsburg.  The AM radio station had a 500,000 watt transmitter and his broadcast could be heard as far away as California (if the weather was right).  A Farkleberry Bear plush toy was made, and a brewery is making Farkleberry Tart Beer in honor of the local icon.

    "The Farklebeary Bear can be found at these retail locations: Foodland, Brueggers Bagels, Boscov's and Exxon. An order form also can be downloaded from the Children's Hospital Web site at

    Also available this year is the 1999 Farkleberry ornament sold by KDKA Radio. It is available on the Internet at Farkleberry ice cream by Hagan is available at local supermarkets, and farkleberry bagels are being sold by Brueggers. Farkleberry cookies are being donated by Pati-Petite Cookies in South Fayette and are available to anyone who makes a donation to Children's at one of the remote donation sites."

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    Offer him a snozzberry tart instead.

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    This is one of those questions that just really makes me see how good I have it in life. No one is pestering me for a "farkleberry" tart and I don't and won't even know what that is. Google must have NOTHING on farkleberries for you to come here. Good luck.

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    I'll get you one of those, baby.

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