Make meetings on google calendar also show on outlook calender so the event can be found and changed?

We use outlook for emails and google calendar to show appointments.   When we created the google account we used the existing email option " 

With everyone else, meetings made on the calendar are shown on both google and outlook.

If they modify a meeting or someone else does, they get an email stating it has been changed and it automatically changes it on the outlook and google. Or if they hit accept etc.

For myself, my outlook email is what  I have used as my google account but the meetings do not show on my outlook calendar therefore whenever there is a meeting made, canceled or modified I get sent an email that says the edits but also "We can not find this invitation in your calendar" and it doesn't get changed automatically.  

I added a calendar using the from the internet option on outlook but they just shows my calendar as a separate one and still does not work, and I can not make it the default one.

Works for everyone else but me and we can not figure out what's going on. 

Any help would be awesome.  Thank you.  

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