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Ukrainegate: Did you know that the Bidens did nothing wrong?

I saw an extensive program that provided a step by step account of what occurred.

Briefly, the previous Ukrainian president was corrupt. The country was really sensitive to it.

Hunter was on the Burisma board as a consultant to monitor for suspected corruption in that company. Eventually it was busted for corruption f/ events that occurred before Hunter worked there.

All the trumpian accusations have been debunked. Trump bribed the new Ukrainian president to (at least) announce an investigation into the Bidens. Hopefully, we'll find out how closely trump expected the new president to manufacture the dirt.

The Constitution only lists 2 specific crimes as impeachable ... treason and bribery.

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    "A Republican Conspiracy Theory About a Biden-in-Ukraine Scandal Has Gone Mainstream. But It Is Not True."

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    The Ukraine "issue" is just another ploy to discredit and impeach the president like the other "issues" that came before it.  I wonder what the left will come up with next?

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    Biden was trying to remove corruption from Ukraine. Trump himself is a corruption on Ukraine.

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      So, extorting their government (corrupt practice) is ok if a democrat says he's fighting corrupt practices, got it

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