General election 2019: Vote could deliver 'seismic change' - Swinson. Do votes for Lib-Dems do more to favour Tories overall? Spoilers?

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    48% of those who voted in the referendum, voted Remain. Tories and Labour want Brexit. If those who voted Remain all voted Liberal Democrat, they would win about 400 seats in the Commons. Unfortunately, when it comes to General Election, the British tend to vote along tribal lines so expect either the Greedy Brexit Party or the Jealous Brexit Party will win.

    • Clive
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      4 weeks agoReport

      Labour do not want Brexit - all the options they actually like work out to be Remain or a kind of Remain.

  • Clive
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    4 weeks ago

    It entirely depends on the constituency, and who there would have otherwise voted Tory or Labour.

    Though it has to be said that this time, now the Lib Dems have come out firmly as the party of Remain, it is less likely that Tory voters will go for them.  It's just too hard to say, except that Ms Swinson is totally deluded if she thinks that she is a serious contender for Prime Minister.

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