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Don't you find awesome the fact that the usa exists for real?

It isn't a fictional place or something, like Wakanda.

It is great and it is real, it does exist. Isn't that amazing?

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    I think it is amazing, and I was convinced at some point that God had a few promises on the "books" he wanted to fulfill in the USA. So we are so blessed not to have a factioned, violent, bickering set of nations in North America like the Africa, Asia, and South America. Not that the current Democratic Party wants that to continue. But praise God! We have a great nation!

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      God bless the USA

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    The USA is like the palace on the hill compared to the rest of the world. But although the founding fathers were great in defeating the British, many Southerners were slaughtered in the Civil War, and Manifest Destiny was used to justify the near annihilation of the Native American Indians.

  • The USA only exists because of the hard work of the founders and those who continually work to defend it. Thank you veterans.

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