Does the Dr Sebi Alkaline diet cure disease?

I’ve known about Dr. Sebi and his diet for a few years now, I’ve done a lot of research and it makes a lot of sense to me. However, has any of you actually HAD experience with eliminating virus and disease with this? I want to hear from a real person if it works or not. And if so, what disease did you have and how did you use the diet to eliminate it?

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  • 1 month ago

    The personal experience of one or two people you know nothing about is not going to provide your with anything useful.   People can recover from diseases with or without treatment, which is why scientists compare treatments to control groups. 

    Google this to get the results from actual studies:

    Dr. Sebi alkaline diet clinical trials evidence

  • 1 month ago

    I thought it could be a reasonable approach to conquering disease. I haven't hears of this particular doctor, but alkaline diets in general. But do consider that the natural pH of the body is slightly acidic, not alkaline. The closer you get to neutral pH the happier biological organisms are in living in such an environment. I have heard a testimony by a friend that someone she met at her doctor's office was able to reduce her lyme disease with alkaline water. But if you are focusing on cancer or diabetes, for instance, then other approaches may be more effective. Like eating a keto diet and using intermittent fasting. And eating a diet high in cruciferous vegetables. You might go to youtube and search for DR BERG KETO DIET and WHAT I COULD EAAT IF I HAD CANCER. And WHAT I WOULD EAT IF I HAD DIABETES. I have successfully lowered my A1C on a low carb, nutritarian diet (see DR FURHMAN's youtube videos on the Nutritarian diet).

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