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Herpes question ..?

I’ve been with my current boyfriend for 8 months. We are 20 and 21. After 6 months of us being sexually active, I started getting herpes outbreaks.. Scared and nervous, I finally picked up the courage to tell him. He told me that it’s okay and that’s something we can deal with together. However, since August I’ve gotten about 4 or 5 outbreaks and he’s gotten none. He told me (before we had sex) that he had a herpes SCARE. He even showed me pictures that he took of it, but he told me the doctor did a physical exam only & said it’s NOT herpes. He never had a scare since. So my question is, why do I get outbreaks and he doesn’t? Is the virus dormant in his system? Did he just have one outbreak and no recurrent ones? Did I get herpes before I met him? I’m so confused. I am grateful he doesn’t get outbreaks, but the whole concept of herpes confuses me. I am not mad at whoever gave it to me, because I know it’s a part of life & a lot of people have it unknowingly. 

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