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What is the main use of RAM in the computer system?

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    RAM (Random Access Memory) is what your computer uses to hold the data and instructions for any programs you are currently running.

    Programs (and data) are stored on your hard drive.  But they can not "run" from the hard drive.  When you start a program, it is copied into the RAM memory on the computer, which is hundreds of faster to access and update then your hard drive.  Your processor then runs the instructions for the program from RAM.  

    RAM memory is not permanent.  It is cleared every time you restart the computer.  Programs are removed from it any time you close a program.  That is why you have to "save" any data you create to a file on your hard drive before exiting the program.  Information stored on the hard drive is permanent and is still there if you restart the computer.

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    RAM make computor faster?

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    to store memory.

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    RAM = random access memory, used for short term data and program storage. 

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    Temporary storage of data for use by the CPU.

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