why doesn't she text first, is she interested?

So as a bit of context my friend in college was scrolling through his phone on his social media and I noticed a girl that really caught my attention like she was really cute. So I asked for her Snapchat and we start talking and she is really nice and cute and we share similar interests. Whenever we text or snap she always adds "x" to the end of the message, uses extra letters in words like "heyyy" which usually means someone is interested. We often snap each other till about midnight. I replied to a snap of her face with the heart eyes emoji and she replied with "your well cute" after showing her a picture of my face. I do feel as though she is somewhat into me and I want to pursue things. However, whenever we snap or text it always seems to be me having to start the conversation otherwise we won't have one at all. So today I thought I would test it and sent her nothing and to my surprise she sent nothing either. I just feel as though I am being used as someone to text when she is bored. I don't wanna just make accusations and confront her either as she is really cute and nice and I don't want to mess anything up.

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  • Hope!
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    4 weeks ago

    I agree with "history" - ask her out, then see what happens.

  • 4 weeks ago

    One day of not giving you tons of her time is all it takes for you to feel like she's "using you"? After all the hours and flirting you've been doing without ever even asking her out? She's likely come to the conclusion that you've been using her and wasting her time and playing games.

  • 4 weeks ago

    So then why are you focusing on this in the first place? It could just be that she wants a guy to pursue her. If you can't be with this girl in real life, you're just wasting your time anyway. It's not like talking to someone hundreds of miles away through text is a real relationship. But you think who texts first is important. Seems you've lost sight of reality to me.

    • Taylor4 weeks agoReport

      She doesn't live hundreds of miles away. My friend was friends with her in school and since I went to a different school I didn't know who she was.

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