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If people can constantly brag about their kids on social media, why is it so frowned upon bragging about not having them?

A lot of my friends/family on social media who have kids constantly update details about them.  "Jr. finally learned how to use the potty!"  "Omg my kid just said this and it's so hilarious!"  "He said his first word!"  "She cut a tooth!"  It goes on.  And I get it!  I remember when we were kids my mom took pictures and video taped our every move.  I understand completely why people do it. That's their kid.  They're proud of them, they love them.  

But why, if someone brags about the privileges of not having kids, is it so looked down on?  If you get to brag about Jr.'s potty, eating, and learning to talk adventures, then we should be allowed to brag about our 5th vacation this month, and having a clean, quiet, house all the time. Right?  No?  


What brought me to this is, I have written statuses about how nice it is to be childfree. And a handful of people will say things like "God knows when it's time for you to have kids."  Or "Oh but kids are so great. You'll see when you have them." First, I'm approaching 40 years of age.  Second...I'm Agnostic...

Update 2:

To Drip, people brag about stuff on social media all the time. Posting  about how happy you are to not have kids is no different than posting about how happy you are not to have them...

Update 3:

Correction: no different than posting about how happy you are to have them. 

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  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    Every time you post about a spontaneous trip you took or that new product you have the disposable income to buy you ARE bragging about not having least that’s the way your friends with children will interpret it.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Because pointing out a kid's actions means focusing on the kid. Pointing out your own actions is egotistical.

  • y
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    4 weeks ago

    Or "Oh but kids are so great., sounds more like one who was attacked for having them. Could be the way that you put it out there. Could be you are focusing on that handful, a handful that can be found with almost any subject. There is always at least one jerk.

    Yes, we as parents brag about our kids while those that don't have them, brag about their lives. Personally I think the problem comes from parents that brag about their lives. They tend to put their kids second.

  • drip
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    4 weeks ago

    You don’t brag about making the decision not to have kids. 

    You don’t barge about a clean home. Believe it or not people with kids can have a clean home too.Yes you can post your vacation photos from Paris. 

    My friend and her wife have no children. I see posts of their motorcycle trips every weekend in the summer. The concerts  they go to.  They  are not bragging about not having kids. They are sharing their life. Just like people with kids are Sharing their life.

    My brother just excitedly posted a photo of his grandson’s first school photo. My other brother posted a  photo of himself relaxing on the beach in Hawaii. I was happy to see them both 

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