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As a 40is older man who never was able to date due to shyness and shame, is it time to forget?

I really am not interested in women my own age and it’s nothing to do with maturity. I’m attracted to younger women for the obvious reasons. 

I’ve much rather have had a women my own age if we had met when we were 20. It would’ve been cooler if you knew who Faith No More was and their classic songs or also be familiar with Arnold action movies like the 1st 3 terminators   

If women triply only really like dudes their own age, I can take that loss. Better than me going out there now and settling for a women my own age NOW. 


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  • David
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    4 weeks ago

    I personally think there’s nothing wrong with age 40+ women, many can be hot in middle age and some even 60+. With that being said, your chances of getting a woman 15-20 years younger is slim, so you may want to forget about that.

    • K4 weeks agoReport

      Nothing. In life one just becomes curious. I’m no incel or anything. I don’t hate women   I’m sure it was nothing personal. 

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