Should women in sports that are getting beaten by Transgenders that still have male dna just shut up and accept the 2nd place prize?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    They (or their parents, if they are minors) could discuss with the rules with the governing or regulatory body that sanctions the competitions at that level of sport.  But beyond that, there is no reason for controversy.  They will not suffer loss of opportunity (scholarships, sponsors) due to losing to someone who is clearly in another "league" altogether. 

    The sponsors and schools are not going to offer those to the MTF athlete.

  • reme_1
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    4 weeks ago

    No I do not understand how women-born women and trans women can compete.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The most compelling argument from trans rights activists that we often hear in my opinion is that the existence of medically transitioning people is not a modern phenomenon. This is a true fact. Trans people as we know them today have existed for the best part of a century now. So when did it all start to go so wrong for us? I'll tell you when.. when trans rights activists began demanding that we disregard all differences between trans women and biological women. I appreciate that it's a conundrum. For a trans person who's passion is sport, it must be incredibly difficult to accept, but however sad it may be it doesn't mean we should overlook the biological advantage a trans person has in women's sports. What did trans people do for the several decades they existed before all this madness?

    • nineteenthly
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      How come I came last in every single-sex athletic competition I ever participated in at school then?  I have the genes for strong muscles but that gene is not fully expressed.  My brother's a keen marathon runner.

  • If they want to say something they should have the chance. I have seen only a few trans women even bother to compete and they were all winners yet I have yet to see even a single trans man beat regular men its almost like trans women have an advantage. I really wanna see some studies and see these trans women losing to women then maybe I can accept it as equal till then doesn't seem that way

    Source(s): You rarely see trans women and men and in sports but the trans women you do see are winning yet you never see trans men beat normal men gee sounds like trans women have an easier time then trans men almost as if they have an advantage
    • If we can see these trans men competing with men and trans women competing with women and see the kinds of results then we can talk till then I calls it as I see it no need to get heated 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Ironically, the women actually competing with transgender athletes aren't the ones complaining.

    • Anonymous
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      That's bullshit. Any woman not kissing trans *** gets silenced, threatened off the team, or loses their sponsorships.  YOU are the bad guys, the oppressors, and the cheaters here.

  • "Should women in sports that are getting beaten by Transgenders"

    First, "transgender" and "transsexual" are adjectives, not nouns; see the graphic below.

    Next, nice piece of fiction writing. The International Olympic Committee studied this issue for years before announcing in early 2004 that trans people could compete under certain guidelines (which includes testing hormone levels). Since then many other athletic organizations have also adopted the same guidelines. Since the decision there have been 8 Olympic Games and trans athletes have yet to win a single medal. In fact, not a single trans athlete has even qualified to compete in the Olympics. 

    So this idea that trans athletes have some kind of advantage is complete rubbish. 

Transsexual people have been medically transitioning for more than 75 years. In all that time I only know of 4, count 'em, four trans athletes that have won any kind of professional championship. That hardly qualifies as being a problem from a competitive standpoint. Maybe you should just stop with the misinformation and educate yourself. 


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    • I did mention something directly to you though about trans people medically transitioning for 75 years respond to that its a few comments back 

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