How does one start becoming a social media influencer?

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  • 2 months ago

    You know who the big influencers are. Chances are that you follow them on social media and watch their exotic vacations, their great clothes and their fabulous lifestyles. Who doesn’t want to work from home, make a ton of money, and get lots of free stuff?

    So how do you become an influencer anyway?

    1. Find Your Niche.

    Grab a pen and list your passions. Whatever your passion is, go for it!

    2. Do Something Unique.

    How many unsuccessful “lifestyle” bloggers are out there? Chances are that you have a friend who’s tried it. They have the passion for fashion, food, and travel but they couldn’t get a following. Why? Because they’re like everyone else. Be different than your competition.

    3. Pick Your Channels.

    You can’t possibly be successful on all channels. Pick one channel to focus on and maybe two more to be active on.

    4. Create A Social Media Strategy.

    Don’t just wing it. Plan out your content. Make a list of the content you want to create for the next three months. Decide how often are you going to post. When will you post? Be consistent.

    5. Create Great Content.

    This is where you’re going to spend most of your time. Make sure you create the best content you can. It’s your brand. And don’t be afraid to invest your money. If you were starting a business, you’d invest money wouldn’t you? If you’re serious about this, you should buy some good equipment.

    6. Be Consistent.

    My favorite podcasts come out on the same day and time every week. Your content should be the same way. You need to give your audience a reason to subscribe. If you don’t create new content, on a consistent schedule, why would they need to subscribe? They’re not missing anything.

    7. Promote.

    You spent all this time creating content, but what good is it if nobody sees it? Remember, it’s 20% content creation and 80% promotion.

    8. Collab.

    The quickest and easiest way to grow your audience is by working with a bigger influencer than you. Remember, there’s more in it for you than the bigger influencer, so you’ve got to help them out to make it worth their while.

    9. Engage With Your Audience.

    This will be easy at first, because you won't have a big following. Respond to every comment, follow people back, etc.

    10. Look At The Data.

    What content is working? Who is your audience? Look at the analytics. Most platforms will give you the data but if they don’t, just look at what posts are getting the most likes and comments. What does your audience look like? Are they old or young, male or female? Create the content that is resonating with them. Finally, ask your audience what they want to see more of. Trust me, they’ll tell you.

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