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Why would a guy to that to his wife?

I teach a computer class. One of my students Betty ask me if I could drive her home after class. I said sure. As I drove up to her house. You could not call it a house. Mansion was a better description. I remarked “What a beautiful home you have”. She said “I got it in my divorce when I caught my husband screwing his secretary”.

I like a woman that tells it like it is don’t you? She insisted I come in for a cup of coffee and cake as her way of saying thank you. While talking and drinking the coffee I saw a picture of her on the wall being crowned Miss (our state). I told her what a beautiful picture and a well deserved honor.

Then she showed me some pictures of other beauty contest she had won. I would sure like to see the secretary he lost a trophy wife for. She must be something else. Why would a guy with a wife that is this great looking and is such a nice person be caught screwing his secretary.

He was not thinking with his head was he? He was probably thinking with another part of his body wasn’t he?

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    The heat of passion is well known to render people blind and disable brains.

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    Who knows, maybe she has some skeletons in her closet? Or maybe he has insecurity issues. It always seems these kinds of situations go much deeper than what we see on the surface!

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    Maybe she was too white for him.

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    You have no idea what type of wife or person this woman is beyond the fact that she made out financially in her divorce, is coming onto her computer class teacher and is good looking.

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