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Sammy asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 5 months ago

storage system based on a flywheel?

An energy storage system based on a flywheel (a rotating disk) can store a maximum of 3.1 MJ when the flywheel is rotating at 2.0×104 revolutions per minute.

What is the moment of inertia of the flywheel?

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  • 5 months ago
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    E = (1/2)Iω^2

    ω = 2πf = 2π*2.0*10^4/60 = 2.094*10^3 rad/s

    I = 2E/ω^2 = 2*3.1*10^6/(2.094^2*10^6)

    Ι = 1.4 kg*m^2

    • JOHN
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      5 months agoReport

      Looks Ok to me.

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