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Are men with deformities criminals like they are in movies and tv?

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    Not a lot of them.  The problem is, that people with deformities often get harassed, taunted and teased, rejected, shunned, scorned because of their defect.  This is especially true among children and teens.  With enough mistreatment by others, kids with defects can become angry and hostile, resentful and retaliatory.  Notice that the villains on TV had a beginning, usually in young life, when they were shoved aside and had their career hopes dashed because others considered them defective human beings.  And having others take from them things "just because they can" may motivate a vengeful attitude.  Thus the hostility and criminal behavior you see on TV villains.

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    Not usually.  They usually are not.

  • 9 months ago

    Nope, just regular people who wanna live their average lives.

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