PC keeps freezing on me?

I have a mid-tier gaming rig that I built a couple years ago for ~$900, and it was running fine for the most part, other than some problems with overheating. About a year ago it started freezing randomly. I wasn't at home during that time, and my sister was using the computer for all her stuff for about a year. She mostly used it for emails, youtube, and school stuff; nothing particularly intensive.

I came home a couple months back and it started happening while I was using it. It's not completely random, it happens most commonly when I'm running 2+ programs and one of them is loading. Games that require a lot of RAM are especially bad - loading new areas or logging in/out are rough. Usually though, freezing only occurs when I have chrome and another program open. Occasionally it'll freeze when I only have youtube open (as in, just chrome, 1-2 tabs, youtube).

I've also noticed that everything runs slower than I remember it. I used to have no problem with mid-level graphics on any of my games, but now everything seems to run relatively slow and triple A titles can't run past 20-25 frames/second at medium graphics.

Any ideas?


*sometimes individual programs will freeze, but in those cases they recover after 1-2 mins

Update 2:

*I only run two chrome extensions, strongly doubt that either ABP or BTTV for twitch.tv are causing the issues. I checked by running chrome in incognito (extensions disabled) and Runescape at the same and got lucky enough to catch a freeze in just under 30 minutes.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Over time, computers will begin to run slower.  this is because you have installed and removed programs that remnants behind.  There are orphaned links in the registry.  There are temp files that have never been deleted. There are services that are being loaded on boot up.  All of those over time will degrade performance.

    If you a smart enough to have build the PC, then you should be knowledgeable enough to be able to back up your data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows.  that should fix a lot of your issues.  It is recommended that you do a fresh install of Windows once a year.

    Also make sure that you are running the latest drivers for all your hardware.  An outdated driver (or one with a bug in it) can cause these kinds of issue.  Especially with video performance.

    Also check to see that the PC is showing all ots RAM memory.  If one of the chips as come loose or gone bad that can cause those types of loading issues.

    Since you stated that Chrome often freezes, try disable all add-ons for Chrome.  A bad add-on can cause those types of issues.

    How much free space is on your hard drive?  You normally need to keep at least 10% of the drive free so that Windows has room for the temp files it needs to create to run properly.  If there is no room, the PC will slow way down.  Especially when it is loading programs (as it uses disk space to work things around in memory) or running more than one program at the same time.

    • Andrew4 weeks agoReport

      I got an SSD and a HDD, the SSD has the OS on it and the HDD has most of my games. The SSD is ~40% free and the HDD is 60% free. I usually run CCleaner to get rid of unnecessary junk, reinstalling windows seems like a hassle. I ran Memtest for RAM, says there's no issues. Chrome add-ons np I think

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    4 weeks ago


    I think that's another possibility as well why your computer is overheating. When one of my computers was overheating it was do to wear, and tear. Sometimes I check how my hardware components are being used.

    I think your computer is overheating do to wear, and tear. If you have anything you want to keep then you should back it up, and regarding the freezing this is probably do to trying to use a computer beyond it's capability.

    • Andrew4 weeks agoReport

      Overheating was due to a faulty fan, I got a replacement through warranty. If any parts are starting to wind down they'd probably pick up on testing programs

  • Fred
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    4 weeks ago

    You haven't mentioned if you are on the internet when these slow downs or crashes occur. I'm suspicious that add-ons or extensions in Chrome are causing this. Disable all add-ons and see if this cures your problems.


    • Andrew4 weeks agoReport

      I have Adblock Plus and BTTV for twitch.tv, but I've had both of those extensions since I built the PC and haven't had problems with them before. I'll check tho

  • 4 weeks ago

    I'd delete all the aps you don't need and anything else on your Desktop and then De-frag and then it should work a lot faster. Also check with your security that you have no spy or malwear or viruses on your computer.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    get a new computer. don't build it yourself

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