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Can I get written up or fired for not publicly advertising my work’s (a pub/club) events on my private social media accounts?

My work (a pub/club) heavily pressures their employees to use their personal social media accounts to publicly advertise the establishment and I really really hate it. Their reasoning is if everyone collectively does so, then it attracts more customers to which will put more tip money in your pocket. This sounds fairly legitimate on the surface but I do not agree with that claim. More customers doesn’t always mean I personally make more money. Sometimes I lose money if people don’t tip and I still have to pay out of my own pocket for serving them. Secondly, I would be less opposed to this if I was a passionate full time worker there, to which I’m not. I’m a part-time worker and full time Uni student. I study across the country and only have my best friends and family on my social media... well, now my boss and coworkers so I’m in tuned with important work messages. I hate that when my grandma signs on her Facebook every now and then to keep in touch with me, all that she sees on her news feed from her grandson is “$4 highballs Sunday happy hour” bullshit. It annoyingly frustrating. Anyway around this?

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    You can be fired without any reason unless you have a written employment contract or are covered by a union collective bargaining agreement. I would refuse to promote the company on my personal site and accept the consequences of that refusal.

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    How many youngsters these days use Facebook, ? My teen Grandsons don't , it's yesterday's news.

    Just tell them you no longer use any social media,end of. You can always set up another account and put it to friends only.

  • 9 months ago

    You have two choices;

    You can have no social media accounts.  Many of the savviest young have done that to prevent damage to their future careers.  Remember that nothing is ever deleted. 

    Or set up a second set of social media accounts purely to advertise the business.  Get a throw-away gmail account to link them to.  No need for the business to ever know this is a shell account.

  • 9 months ago

    Why not set up a secondary site that will make your employer happy. Make it similar to your personal site, but include the advertising for your employer. Simply tell your boss and co-workers that you are setting up a new site to promote their company - and you can abandon it if and when you leave your job there.

    Maintain your old non-commercial site for close friends and family.

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